I had shoulder surgery early this year by Dr Bieniek and was having trouble sleeping. I found the pillow helpful for relieving shoulder pain when lying down. It helped me sleep better. I use it intermittently as needed during the night. It does not seem to help with the muscle spasms that have recently woken me at night. When that occurs I have been getting up, stretching, and then using the pillow to position my arm in a more comfortable position. All in all, a useful device.
— Rob

Your pillow has given me my first decent night’s sleep for two years. I always knew that I needed to somehow take the pressure off my shoulders when sleeping on my side, but my attempts at creating ramps with pillows and blankets always failed. The very first night I used your pillow I woke up, showered and dressed without even thinking that I needed to apply my pain relieving cream, so that told me that there was no pain to treat. Thank you so much for inventing your product. I have already recommended it to a friend of mine.
— Kay

I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the orthopedic pillow and the results have been better than I expected. I had a problem with my shoulder from an old automobile accident injury. It has given me fits for several years and I have had so much trouble sleeping in recent years that I was back to lying in the recliner to sleep so as not to put pressure on my shoulder. This pillow has allowed me to sleep in my bed again without the pressure on the shoulder injury. The way it is designed is wonderful! The tapered design lifts the weight off my shoulder and I am sleeping much better because of it. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this to give relief to so many people just like me!

I decided to try the OH MY pillow because of the pain in my shoulders and I have been finding it hard to sleep through the night without waking because of the shoulder pain. Immediately I found the right way to make it fit just under my arm pit so that my shoulder does not get the full brunt of my weight. I can shift from side to side and use the pillow to avoid pain. If I happen to lay on my back, it's no problem because I still use my own pillow. I'm recommending the shoulder pillow to anyone that suffers from shoulder pain.
— Kathy, New York, NY

I sustained a shoulder injury a few months ago, which required surgery. Since the injury, I have found that sleeping through the night feels nearly impossible. I tend to sleep on my side, and after a few hours in one position I become very achy and painful.

The OH MY Pillow has relieved almost all of the pressure that was once placed on my shoulder, by sleeping on my side. The pillow is very soft and comfortable. It feels great to be able to sleep through the night again!
— Scarlet, LPN

I did use the pillow every night. I wasn’t quite sure which side/edge to sleep on, so I kept rotating it until I found a comfortable spot/level. The pillow did make for good sleeping. Thanks!
— Kathy, New Hope, MN